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Before I say anything else, understand that you've got nothing to be scared about here, okay? You also don't need to feel embarrassed about not knowing this stuff: not only do plenty of adult women not know either, it's certainly not your fault that no one has given you thorough sex education or asked if you had any questions. Many people experience fear and shame when it comes to their genitals and sex. A lot of people feel those ways because of a lack of accutrate information and because of people or belief systems creating those feelings. We can help with both of those things, and give both good information and support. You can come talk anonymously and directly with us on our moderated forums anytime. We get a LOT of questions about this whole vaginal "looseness" and "stretched out" baloney, so I won't go on at length here.

Scarcity is called a septate hymen because the hymen is a piece that makes the septum, or bridge, across the vaginal opening. This is a rare subseptate hymen, similar to the septate hymen only not making a bridge all the way across.

Find high-quality Vagina stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. Dec 21,   I'm 14 years old and a virgin. When I explore myself or masturbate I find that I can fit at least 3 fingers inside myself without much discomfort. I haven't had sex and yet it feels like I'm stretched out or something. Could this mean that I really am just loose? I mean I've been fingered by my boyfriend before but never anything else. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

Shaped like the throat is not it? This course is only known after the marriage. Surface girls who had sexual intercourse, seem inert bruisethe door unclosed genitalia, a little bit tenuous. If the girl is still virgin, his cock always closed.

When the shriveled genitals still means she was still a virgin.

If the hole open a little mean girl is not virgin anymore. Consider the color of her genitals, pubic door if the surface purple, reddish means she is still pure, but if the red color is faded out to be pale, meaning he was no saint lagi. The first time sexual intercourse with a girl who just broke his blood membrane is not satisfactory, because she was not comfortable with the blood that came out on the first night habitual and the pain in his cock.

So he will not want to linger. If you try to test by looking at the hymen was not guaranteed because the thickness of the Hymen or membrane Dara every woman is different. So it is also possible there are cases like the girl who fell while playing the bicycle, and then because her hymen is thin and easily torn. There is also a supernatural sciences with the help of the genie who can restore the hymen.

So I think that virginity is a matter of honesty of the girl, did she ever have sex with men or not. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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I'm 14, and a virgin, but can fit fingers inside my vagina: is something wrong with me?

Blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In other words, it goes back in a little bit to the same state it was in before those fingers were in there. Vaginas are muscles, not slack skin. While certainly, they can lose tone over time usually just with aging and hormonal changes: not for a person your ageusing that muscle - like using any muscle - increases tone, it doesn't cause a loss of tone.

That would make no sense. For the longer story on the lowdown on vaginas and "looseness" and "tightness," check out these answers and articles:.

Nude pusy vergin

It's also always worth a reminder that the vagina isn't an object: it's an integral part of YOUR body, not something for someone else. So, even if there were any stock in all this loose-vagina mumbo-jumbo, or if there is a time later in your life when muscle tone is an issue like after pregnancyit's still nothing to get freaked out about.

Virgin Test - Zulu Girls

Your organs just need to be healthy, and to feel good to you: you feeling good to someone else is about WAY more than whatever state your body is in, and if to anyone it's not, they're the problem, not your body, okay? As far as your hymen goes, the hymen erodes slowly over time - just due to pubertyvaginal discharges and menstruationphysical activity - and that process can be sped up by masturbation and vaginal sex.

Since you insert three fingers into your vagina comfortably, it's a given that your hymen is likely only partial at this point, which is totally fine. Too, the hymen is flexible, rather than brittle, so it can stretch when you insert your fingers. There's no actual purpose for a hymen, and it's supposed to wear away. It also doesn't matter how it wears away.

The idea that people with vaginas who have not had vaginal intercourse should all have totally intact hymens is a very outdated and incorrect idea.

Feb 05,   If the girl is still virgin, his cock always closed. Actually the lining of blood can be seen directly into the girl's genitals. When the shriveled genitals still means she was still a virgin. Apr 24,   How Does Your Vagina Get Wet? Here's A Closer Look At Where Your Natural Lubrication Comes From If you're having hetero sex, you may also find it helpful to stick to positions where his penis Author: Lea Rose Emery. Feb 29,   When the Daily Dot wrote about the world's first-ever vagina beauty pageant earlier this year, it sounded like a unique and oddly body-positive idea. But a behind-the-scenes look at what the.

Plenty of people with vaginas will have hymens that are mostly worn away without having had any intercourse at all.

Your friend who told you about menstrual flow is also grossly misinformed. The heaviness or lightness of flow has absolutely nothing to do with the vagina, in any way, at all. Menstrual flow comes from the endometrium inside your uterus which the vagina is a path too, but is a separate organ, inside your bodyand how heavy a person's flow is is about a bunch of things, primarily on your hormones especially in puberty where estrogens are so high but even just a person's height taller people who menstruate more often have heavier flow, for instance or weight, or if a person is taking aspirin for their cramps can increase flow.

It's not about their vagina: that's only the passage menses passes through: it has no influence on flow. So, now you know better and you can also fill her in on the real deal! Since it's pretty clear you've gone without a lot of vital information until now, I'm also going to toss you a few more basic articles you may find useful.

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