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Little Vera (1988) movie

For those who like to read, we have extensive lists of lesbian fiction and lesbian non-fiction books. Grab your popcorn, kick back and enjoy. A handsome male classmate falls for her hard, but an unsettling reverie upsets the romance before it begins. Watch the Trailer on YouTube. Stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the trailer on YouTube. Alfred Prufrock by T. Absent-minded photographer Polly Sheila McCarthy lands a job at an art gallery in Toronto which is operated by a woman named Gabrielle Paule Baillargeon.

A German movie written and directed by Angelina Margarine in Awaiting deportation, Fariba gains a new identity when fellow Iranian refugee Siamak Navid Akhavan kills himself.

Disguising herself as a male, Fariba is released from detention as Siamak. Fariba begins working in a small-town factory while saving money for a fake passport that will let her live as a woman again. Deeply mentally unbalanced drifter Eunice Amanda Plummer roams grim northern Britain committing psychosexual serial murders of both men and women while ostensibly searching for an unknown woman named Judith.

She spares the life of lonely but kind-hearted gas station cashier Miriam Saskia Reeveswho abandons her dismal life to follow her damaged new lover. Watch Trailer on YouTube here. In a superhero origin tale unlike any other, the film is the incredible true story of what inspired Harvard psychologist Dr. Based on the true story of Queen Kristina of Sweden, this is one of our all time favorite lesbian movies.

Raised as a prince under a conservative Lutheran court, Queen Kristina grows up with ideas for modernizing Sweden and bringing an end to war. Kristina begins to rule at the age of 18 and is quickly faced with choosing between her country, a new male suitor, her people and her religion.

She caused a scandal when she chose not to marry and anointed Countess Ebba Sparre, as her Bed Companion. Fighting for her country she chooses to take control of her destiny and to find the freedom she desires.

The English-language film is a depiction of several years in the life of the 17th century Queen Kristina of Sweden, the Girl King. Born in and queen by the age of six, Kristina was the most famous woman in the world during her lifetime and remains a controversial figure in Sweden to this day and one of the most influential and fascinating figures to have graced European history.

A runaway hit at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Kiss Me is a stunningly rendered and honest love story about what happens when you follow your heart. However, Mia is engaged to be married to a man she believes she loves, so acting on anything seems out of the question. When subsequent circumstances throw the two women together, openly gay Frida finds it impossible to resist seducing Mia, and Mia finds it impossible to resist. Watch the official trailer on YouTube.

The true love story of Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree and their fight for justice. A decorated New Jersey police detective, Laurel is diagnosed with cancer and wants to leave her hard-earned pension to her domestic partner, Stacie. However, the county officials, Freeholders, conspire to prevent Laurel from doing this.

There was little chance, in the yearthat Carole, a Parisian Spanish teacher, and feminist militant, would ever meet Delphine, the daughter of a couple of Limousin farmers. But they did meet and not only did they come across each other but they fell passionately in love as well. But could feminism and lesbianism easily be transferred to the countryside and its standards of the time?

View Trailer on YouTube. Eighteen-year-old Rachel is an aspiring songwriter who has given up on her music after the recent death of her mother and without an attentive father figure in her life. Amy becomes the sole inspiration that Rachel has been yearning for. A wholesome college graduate fresh to California from the cornfields of Iowa, Amy happily confesses her dreams and desires to Rachel over the course of the weekend and the two women gradually fall in deep passionate love.

Watch the Trailer on YouTube here. But when Nina becomes convinced that Dot is hiding a few secrets of her own, she decides to confess a family secret so disturbing, it cannot be ignored. Watch the Trailer online here.

An American lesbian film directed by Cheryl Dunye. The Watermelon Woman was the first movie directed by black lesbian. Cheryl is a young, African American lesbian who works in a video rental store in Philadelphia with her friend Tamara. They earn extra money by making professional home videos for people.

Ronit returns to the same Orthodox Jewish community that shunned her decades earlier for her childhood affair with Esti, a female friend.

Their fortuitous and happy reunion soon reignites their burning passion as the two women explore boundaries of faith and sexuality. Stream on Netflix. The film was directed by Sarasawadee Wongsompetch. Pie comes from an upper middle class Thai family that adheres to traditional thoughts and customs, including a very vocal disapproval of homosexuality.

Watch the full movie for free on YouTube. She meets a girl her age at a summer aeronautical show. Stream on Amazon Prime. Buy the DVD on Amazon. She experienced two life-altering loves, however: an irreciprocal one for straight Ellen Doubleday, the wife of her publisher Nelson Doubleday, and another for bisexual actress Gertrude Lawrence, which Lawrence purportedly helped her consummate.

A Canadian movie directed by Anne Wheeler. Not long after moving into her own place, Maggie Karyn Dwyer finds herself with two unsolicited roommates: her recently divorced mother, Lila Wendy Crewsonand her young brother. The timing is especially bad, considering Maggie has fallen hard for an attractive woman, Kim Christina Coxonly hours before they move in. An American movie directed by Jeremy Sanga. Anne falls in love with the most popular girl in her high school. Peyton and Elena are, on the surface, diametrically opposed - one, a well-known lesbian writer, the other a mother and wife of a pastor - but when their paths cross, several times over, they feel compelled to connect.

What begins as friendship quickly blossoms into something deeper. And despite the fact that she has never even considered kissing a woman, Elena is overwhelmed with a desire to do just that. The two women fall deeply in love, both keenly aware a future together might be little more than a dream. Watch trailer on YouTube. Italian movie directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi. Once a popular and loved actress, today she successfully runs a health food restaurant.

She likes women and she loves Federica. Marina is the first and only woman of her life. Federica is overly discreet and very different from Marina. While Marina is happy to believe she is part of a couple, Federica, after meeting a man she once had a crush for, experiences a crisis of identity and starts asking herself what she really wants from life and love.

At times comedic and sometimes tragic, the answer will not be an obvious one to solve.

Lesbo Porn Movies

Written and directed by Lee Rose. High school student Jane Ellen Muth finds herself drawn to a new girl in her class, and quickly discovers that her feelings are romantic in nature. Anne Lister - was a well-off Yorkshire landowner, diarist, mountaineer, and traveler.

Throughout her life, she kept diaries which chronicled the details of her daily life, including her lesbian relationships, her financial concerns, her industrial activities and her work improving Shibden Hall. Her diaries contain more than four million words and about a sixth of them-those concerning the intimate details of her romantic relationships-were written in code.

The code, derived from a combination of algebra and Ancient Greek, was deciphered in the s. Watch the full movie on YouTube. A Spanish comedy-drama, lesbian romance film, depicting emotional relations of two women Alba and Natasha throughout a single night in a hotel room in Rome. The plot is loosely based on another film, En la cama In Bed. Israeli movie written and directed by Michal Vinik. A high school student uses alcohol, drugs, and friends to escape her troubled home.

Written by Gretchen Dyer, directed by Julia Dyer. High School basketball coach, Dinah Groshardt, falls for the school secretary, Carly Lumpkin, and upsets the entire school in the process. Adri has an Art degree but lives in that post-graduation limbo. Mona is a chill architect with plans and money to spare. A great passion is born, with the city in the background and the wind blowing the days away.

Nine months, nine staircases and nine seasons of love. Go to the Official Facebook Page. A german-french short movie written and directed by Julia Ritschel. It tells the story of Lena, a 18 years old student who suddenly becomes interested in learning French, just before graduation.

Watch Trailer on Daily Motion.

If you're looking for something a little shorter, check out our list of lesbian web series, most of which are free to watch online!Or how about our list of lesbian TV shows, we managed to find 49 TV series other than the L Word! The Social Network for meeting new people. It's Free! Join Tagged ; Join with Facebook. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

Directed by Mekelle Mills. Zoe is a gay something student whose regimented life is thrown into upheaval when she unexpectedly falls in love and is faced with making a series of choices whose outcomes not only impact on her independence but on the relationships with those most important to her. Watch on Vimeo for free: Zoe.

Written by Marisa Calin and directed by Albert Alarr. Veteran actress Lainey Allen Chappell is tired of being sidelined for younger talent on the soap she has starred in for twenty years.

Coupled with finding it harder to retain her lines, she decides not to renew her contract, and she and her publicist and partner, Eva Morales Lecciamove to a beach house overlooking the ocean on the Central California coast. But when Lainey starts to forget more than can be attributed to stress, Eva insists on a visit to the doctor.

Buy or Stream on Amazon. Written and directed by Kris Boustedt and Lindy Boustedt. Robin and Jenna are getting married. Robin is excited beyond words; Jenna is plagued by panic attacks and struggles to write her vows. But when they arrive at their secluded fairy-tale venue, sinister forces besiege them, threatening to tear them apart.

Written and directed by Aurora Guerrero. When Yolanda Olveros meets her new neighbor Mari Rodriguez, all they see in each other are their differences. But despite their contrasting realities, Yolanda and Mari are soon brought together when Mari is threatened with expulsion after saving Yolanda from an incident at school. The girls forge a friendship that soon proves more complex than anticipated when the girls unexpectedly experience a charged moment between them.

At a loss for words, the girls ignore their moment and move on to become best friends, unaware they have set in motion an unstoppable journey of self-discovery. Every year, Liz, a hardcore party girl, and womanizer, celebrates her birthday with her friends at a Caribbean beach retreat. This year is different. She becomes unwell and hates the pity from her friends, so she decides to hide her terminal illness.

But the ingenue is deeply wounded by the recent death of her young son, and nothing turns out as expected. An Indian drama directed by Shonali Bose. Laila is a young romantic, a secret rebel in a wheelchair.

Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. Aug 16,   A Florida teenager who was charged earlier this year for having a sexual relationship with her underage girlfriend is being accused of additional felony behavior after she allegedly continued to.

Undeterred by cerebral palsy, she embarks on a journey of discovery. Her exhilarating adventures cause a rift both within herself and with those she is closest to. Ultimately, it is in the intensity of these bonds that she finds the strength to be truly herself.

Written and directed by Heather Tobin. Jess meets Casey, a very openly gay woman and quickly the girls form a strong romantic bond which forces Jess to come to terms with her true identity. She does not know what to do as she falls deeper in love with Casey and risks losing her loyal and kind-hearted husband.

Ultimately, Jess is forced to choose between Casey and Trevor. Risking stability, her family and all that she knows for the great unknown and her new found love. Written and directed by Josh Beck. While struggling to cope with the death of her boyfriend, a young woman begins to have romantic feelings for her new supportive female friend. Watch for free on YouTube. Marie is a successful designer and has a loving husband and two children.

But fate offers more. Watch online at Daily Motion. Directed and written by Michael Worth. But when Rebecca confesses to her friends about her unsatisfactory love life, they set her up with an exceptionally talented high-class call girl named Paris - and, needless to say, the lives of both Rebecca and Paris are changed forever. Grappling with a veritable soap opera of family drama at home, Rebecca escapes into the oasis of her encounters with Paris.

Meanwhile, outside of her lucrative pleasure-worker day-job, Paris is a struggling artist with troubles of her own.

Nude petite lezb

A woman who dares to live as she pleases is officially declared a man in this historical drama inspired by a true story. Angela Valeria Solarino is a strong, passionate, and wilful woman whose father Ennio Fantastichini operates a mining business for the Spanish royal family.

Her father wanted a boy and makes no secret of his disgust with Angela, despite or perhaps because of her willingness to flaunt the conventions of what is acceptable for a woman in 19th century Spain.

Angela is powerfully attracted to her childhood friend Sara Isabella Ragoneseand though Sara is pledged to marry Tommaso Marco FoschiAngela sets out to win her heart. Her father, however, has arranged a marriage between Angela and the son of a business associate; Angela bitterly refuses to wed the young man, declaring she would prefer death to the false relationship. Her mother, Lucia Giselda Volodiarranges for a radical solution to this dilemma; using some privileged information as leverage, she persuades the village priest to declare that Angela is, in fact, Angelo and has been a male all along.

Imagine you are getting married. The big day has arrived. The tough year-old Annabelle Erin Kelly knows her rebellious behavior immediately all the attention pulling when she at her new school, a boarding school for Catholic girls, arrives. Simone, who leads a pretty boring life with her boyfriend, noting that the year-old Anna-belle deeply hidden feelings loosens her, which she has long since felt more.

Gives the teacher over it? Buy on Amazon Stream on Netflix. Based on the novel by Shamim Sarif. One day, a beautiful housewife named Miriam Lisa Ray visits the cafe, and Amina is instantly smitten. Miriam runs a store outside of town with her husband, Omar Parvin Dabasand feels increasingly stifled in her conventional life.

She cannot help but give in to her desire when Amina comes calling. Written and directed by Elizabeth Gill. Quirky Irish drama about life and love in contemporary Dublin amongst a group of mismatched young people. In the upper echelons of traditional Middle Eastern society, Reema and Omar prepare for the marriage of their daughter, Tala.

Tala sees something unique in the artless, clumsy, sensitive Leyla who secretly works to become a writer. A French lesbian movie directed by Anna-Sophie Birot. This wonderful debut feature captures the elusive relationship between two teenaged girls. Gwen and Lise live in opposite parts of France but have spent summer vacation together on the Brittany coast for years. Although not autobiographical, the story was partially inspired by Passon herself suffering a mild concussion, in the same manner that is depicted in the film, shortly before she began writing the screenplay.

Abby Ableman is a lesbian who becomes disillusioned with her domestic life and career after suffering a mild concussion when her son, Jake, accidentally hits her in the head with a thrown baseball. She then begins working as a prostitute for other women. A sophisticated tale of an unlikely romance between two extraordinary artists, set against the backdrop of political upheaval and a clash of cultures.

Alcoholism, geographical distance, and a military coup come between the lovers, but their intimate connection spans decades and forever impacts the life and work of these two extraordinary artists. The attraction of two polar-opposite women has rarely been so volatile and charged on the big screen. Oliveira and directed by Bruno Barreto. Based on the book of the same name by Sarah Waters, Affinity is the story of unmarried upper-class women, Margaret Prior, who start visiting the Milibank Prison in Victorian-era England.

As she peers through a flap in a cell door, she sees a young woman with a flower, and she is reminded of a Carlo Crivelli painting. Of all the prisoners, she is most fascinated by this woman, whom she learns to be Selina Dawes, medium of spirits.

A woman searching for the perfect man instead discovers the perfect woman in this romantic comedy. One day, Jessica is scanning personal ads in the newspaper with her friends, and she sees one with a quote from her favorite poet. Jessica reads on to discover that she has a lot in common with the person who placed the ad - too much so, since it turns out the notice is from a woman, Helen Cooper Heather Juergensenwho manages an art gallery. Jessica figures it would at least be nice to hang out with someone who shares her interests, and she gives Helen a call.

Jessica and Helen quickly strike up a close friendship that evolves into something more intimate, though neither of them has ever been involved with another woman and Helen is a bit more avid about her new romantic horizons than Jessica.

Written and directed by Maria Maggneti. When her inability to commit leads to a breakup with her girlfriend Julianne Nicholsonopera-loving writer Allegra Elizabeth Reaser winds up in the bed of amiable professor Philip Gretchen Mol.

He is so smitten with Allegra that he dumps his lover, Grace Justin Kirkand convinces Allegra to continue their affair. When Allegra meets Grace, sparks fly, and she begins a parallel romance, unaware that her new lover is the woman Philip left to be with her.

It is a story about living, loving, and letting go. Hannah and Rachel grew up as little girls in the same small Midwest town, where traditional gender expectations eventually challenged their deep love for one another. Hannah becomes an adventurous, unapologetic lesbian and Rachel a strong but quiet homemaker. Weaving back and forth between past and present, the film reveals how the women maintained their love affair despite a marriage, a world war, infidelities, and family denial.

Buy DVD on Amazon. Canadian Golden Globe awarded lesbian movie based on the D. Headstrong Ellen Anne Heywood and her more demure lesbian lover, Jill Sandy Dennispass their time together on an isolated farm in rural Canada. While Jill longs for nothing more than spending her life with Ellen, Ellen is becoming discontented with their relationship. Taiwanese movie directed by Zero Chou. Far different from the tantalizing Spider Lilies, Drifting Flowers is a mood piece and a simple take on the ever-so-fashionable multiple-thread storyline.

The film follows three branching storylines about lesbian characters, each examining a different kind of love. An Asian-American woman and her mother both find their private lives are becoming a family matter in this romantic comedy-drama. Wilhelmina Pang Michelle Krusiec is a surgeon living in Manhattan whose mother Joan Chen is eager for her to settle down with a nice man and get married. As it happens, Wilhelmina is looking for someone special in her life and thinks she may have found her in Vivian Lynn Chena beautiful dancer, but a fear of commitment and a desire to keep her medical career on track is making their relationship problematic.

Saving Face was the first feature film from writer and director Alice Wu. Two teenage girls with parallel lives but coming from different socio-economic backgrounds meet one summer to discover friendship and a romantic awakening. In fact, Antero goes as far as undergoing a vasectomy and keeps it from Venla. Determined to become pregnant, Venla goes to a female fertility doctor, Satu Minttu Mustakallioand eventually falls in love with her.

The first part of an experimental History Trilogy directed by Barbara Hammer. Nitrate Kisses combines interviews with four same-gender couples. Hammer unveils an invisible history contextualized in relation to the romantic behavior of gays and lesbians of her time.

The scenes of the gay male couple are overlaid with the Motion Picture Production Code. Part of the film focuses on the story of American novelist Willa Cather, who destroyed many personal letters and papers before her death; the film argues that Cather was covering up evidence of lesbianism.

Another section of the movie explores the treatment of lesbians by the Third Reich. An autobiographical documentary film directed by American experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer. It is the second of a trilogy of documentary films that includes Nitrate Kisses and History Lessons.

The film was nominated for a prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Tender Fictions by Barbara Hammer from barbara hammer on Vimeo. In this wonderfully irreverent yet empowering film, Barbara Hammer traces lesbian history by presenting an extraordinary array of archival footage - and then playfully manipulates it to make it seem as though lesbians were everywhere.

Watch Trailer: History Lessons from barbara hammer on Vimeo. A German movie from directed and written by Nana Neul. An assured, mature piece of work that draws heartfelt performances from its leads, My Friend From Faro marks Neul as a talent to watch. Things change when the beautiful Jenny literally crashes into her life when Mel nearly runs her over in her classic BMW.

It is love at first sight, however, there is just one problem: Jenny mistakenly assumes Mel to be a boy. Despite this, the pair becomes boyfriend and girlfriend. With Mel attempting to disguise her true gender at every turn, her journey from tomboy to out lesbian is fraught with life-defining dilemmas and sweet surprises. An older European woman becomes enchanted with a young Dominican woman who must struggle to make ends meet. Love brings a flow of entanglement in a drama that unfolds like palm trees in an irresistible storm.

An American independent comedy film written and directed by Madeleine Olnek. It parodies lesbian culture and low-budget American s science-fiction films in the style of Ed Wood. The film is about three lesbian space aliens that come to Earth. Once on Earth, one of the space aliens, Zoinx, falls in love with an employee at a greeting card store named Jane.

Margaret is a down-on-her-luck lesbian hooker in training. Kiana Firouz, an Iranian lesbian who had left Iran to avoid getting arrested, meets Sayeh, a journalist and activist focused on Iranian human rights issues in the United Kingdom.

Sayeh tries to collect information about the controversial subject of Iranian LGBTQ lives from Kiana, who had formerly tried to make an underground documentary about the suffering of lesbians in Iran.

The story develops the relationship between Kiana and Sayeh against the background of recent uprisings in Iran and the series of incidents that led Kiana to collaborate with the opposition and eventually resulted in her claim of asylum in the United Kiana Firouz, an Iranian lesbian who had left Iran to avoid of getting arrested, meets Sayeh, a journalist and activist United Kingdom. Canadian lesbian movie directed by Percy Aldon Roswitha Rosel Zecha lonely immigrant, works in the library of a small Alaskan town.

When ill-mannered, ambiguous Eskimo Kotzebue k.

Shugatiti Explains Why She Has Been Going Nude With A 'Lesbian Concept'

Unlikely friendship blooms after the two strangers discover they share a love of the salmonberry, a wild Alaskan fruit similar to the raspberry.

An Israeli movie from directed by Avi Nesher. In The Secrets, two brilliant young women discover their own voices in a repressive orthodox culture where females are forbidden to sing, let alone speak out. Naomi, the studious, devoutly religious daughter of a prominent rabbi, convinces her father to postpone her marriage for a year so that she might study at a Jewish seminary for women in the ancient Kabalistic seat of Safed.

When the pair encounters a mysterious, ailing foreigner with a disturbing past named Anouk the iconic French actress Fanny Ardant they begin a risky journey into forbidden realms. In the hopes of easing her suffering, Naomi and Michelle secretly lead Anouk through a series of Kabalistic cleansing rituals.

Teen charged for sex with underage girlfriend still texting her, cops say.

The process opens up overwhelming new horizons for the girls who find themselves caught between the rigid male establishment they grew up in, and the desire to be true to themselves, no matter the cost. The time of a summer, a girl Virginia will know the ideal love through that of three of his friends, Anne, Maurice, and Jacques. Image Credit: IMDB She keeps a diary that is stolen by a young man who loves her although she is in a lesbian relationship.

A German movie. A former piano prodigy whose abusive childhood prompted her to neglect her natural gift for music in the name of survival, Jenny is a violent offender whose notorious temper has, as an adult, repeatedly landed her behind bars.

Though she does still display considerable talent on the ivory, her decidedly antisocial behavior compelled the troubled prisoner to repeatedly sabotage opportunities to take part in recitals that would, at the very least, provide a momentary respite from her grim day-to-day existence.

Directed by Dee Rees. Set in early 18th century England during war with the French. Sarah takes Abigail under her wing and Abigail sees a chance at a return to her aristocratic roots. The prosecutor's office declined to say whether they would seek jail time for Hunt given the additional accusations filed this week.

A court hearing will be set based on the motion, the office said. Prosecutors offered Hunt a second plea deal in recent weeks that the family is still considering, though they would like to see a plea deal that reduces the charges from felony to misdemeanor, according to a statement Hunt's mother made on Facebook.

The girls were 18 and 14 when they became sexually involved, according to an arrest affidavit by the county Sheriff's Department. According to Gay, the high school girls basketball coach at their school found out about the relationship, told the younger girl's mother, who also works as a coach, and kicked Hunt off the team, according to Hunt's family.

Oct 20,   Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content. Oct 22,   Let Her Down Easy ft. Caitlin Stasey Just Between Us. Loading Unsubscribe from Just Between Us? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe K. Nov 02,   Norman Knows What To Do | Bates Motel Fear: The Home Of Horror. Loading Unsubscribe from Fear: The Home Of Horror? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe K.

The police then set up a phone sting operation in which the year-old called Hunt and asked her details about their relationship, according to the affidavit.

Police arrested Hunt in February based on the details the girls discussed on the phone, according to the document. She was charged and spent 24 hours in jail before posting bond. Shows Good Morning America.

World News Tonight. This Week. The View. What Would You Do? Sections U. Virtual Reality.

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