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South Park - Cartman is addicted to KFC

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Remove Ads. Unseen episode of Mr Garrison's life as a woman. Despite having a dead fetus on her head, she is one of the most normal and intelligent adult characters on the show. Despite not wanting to be singled out for being different, she appeared in the episode " Freak Strike " where she is one of the freaks in the infomercial that is promoting awareness of 'freaks' through daytime talk shows. Nurse Gollum's last appearance on the show was in Season 9 episode " Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow " in a very minor cameo, but in the " South Park: The Stick of Truth " video game, there are posters scattered around South Park, revealing Nurse Gollum's first name as Maryand declaring that she has been missing since "October 19th", which is a reference to her appearance in the aforementioned episode, which first aired on October 19, She appears to be in charge of watching the students during recess.

She is of old age and possesses an unpleasant demeanor, exclaiming to the students "five minutes until recess is over, you little bastards!

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Mackey voiced by Trey Parker is the school guidance counselor. He has a disproportionately large head and mumbles "M'kay" into most sentences. He speaks with a Southern accentand he is believed to be from Louisiana. It is assumed he is at least 40 years old he once said he had sex at 19 and that it has been about 21 years since.

He is based on Trey Parker's junior high school counselor, Stan Lackey. He has occasionally taught classes at the school, and taught sex education with Ms. During this time he had a sexual relationship with Ms. Choksondik until her death. After her death, he took over the fourth grade class until Mr. Garrison returned.

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In the episode " Erection Day " he is shown to be left-handed. Despite his slightly odd appearance and catchphrase M'kayMr.

Mackey is generally portrayed as an able and responsible counselor who actually cares about the children, much unlike Mr. Garrison and other adult authority figures.

He sometimes appears with Principal Victoria when punishing a student or announcing an important message. His methods as a counselor often reflect real-life controversies in education. For example, when Kyle talks about seeing Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poohe places Kyle on a heavy dose prescription of Prozac. In an early episode, the children feign having Attention Deficit Disorderand he prescribes them all Ritalin. During a drug-education class in the episode " Ike's Wee Wee ", he passes some marijuana around the classroom, and it is stolen apparently by one of the children, though it is later revealed that the actual thief was Mr.

For this, Mr. Mackey is fired by the school, evicted by his landlord, and, feeling depressed, he ends up using alcohol, marijuana and LSD. The episode suggests that his large head is caused by the tightness of his tie around his neck, but in " Child Abduction Is Not Funny ", his parents are shown to have large heads as well. He becomes a hippie and travels to India with a like-minded woman.

Mackey is captured by The A-Teamand his former employers, along with Jimbosay that they should have helped him with his drug problem rather than firing him.

List of South Park Elementary staff

Mackey protests, saying that he likes his new life and that he actually has not done drugs since his first experimentations back in South Park. Nobody listens and in rehab at the Betty Ford Cliniche is "cured" of his addiction to drugs.

South Park : The Fractured But Whole - Mrs. Cartman: Vigilante Marketing/The Big Beatdown

Mackey's social worker then re-ties his tie, which makes his head swell back to its original size. In " Cat Orgy ", he is presumed to have had sex with her again.

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In " Rainforest Shmainforest ", it is revealed that he can speak Spanish fluently. In " Trapped in the Closet ", Mr. Mackey is seen at the Church of Scientology Org where Stan is having an auditing session. However, it is not known whether or not he continues having sessions with the Org from that point on. Garrison 's two episodes later in " Eek, a Penis!

In " Insheeption " he is revealed to be a hoarder with a troubled childhood, having been bullied and later being molested by Woodsy the Owl.

Mackey was based on his school counselor, who, when he saw Parker in the halls during class, would simply say, "Okay, Trey, get back to class now, mmm-kay? This inspires the boys to come up with new ideas to revamp their show. Pearl voiced by Toddy Walters is the Home Economics teacher.

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She speaks with a soft, gentle voice and does her job well, although she appears to believe in old-fashioned gender roles, namely by having all the girls on her course, despite a couple having applied for wood shop class, and by teaching her class ways to find, manipulate and marry rich men. She is good with chat up lines as seen in " Tweek vs. Craig ". She also dates Richard Adler, and mentioned she wanted to sleep with him.

The character was first introduced in " Stunning and Brave ". He is a muscular man with dark blonde hair, a very faint mustache, and a goatee. He is often shown wearing Oakley sunglasses. He is very aggressive and violent in enforcing compliance to his ideas of acceptable behavior, for instance in the episode "Stunning and Brave" he responds to Cartman's use of politically incorrect language by beating him so severely that he is hospitalized.

The episode also showed that PC Principal lives in a fraternity house with other similar, violent, college-age men that is a few houses down the street from Randy and Sharon Marsh 's house. It is later implied that he is part of a larger conspiracy involving online ads.

Once he discovers this conspiracy, however, he turns against the ads to defend humanity from their intolerance. His character was central to most episodes of the nineteenth season, and at the end of the season, he announced in the episode " PC Principal Final Justice " that he would be remaining as principal of South Park Elementary. He has remained principal ever since. Slave voiced by John Hansen is the homosexual lover of Mr. Garrison up until the episode " Mr. Garrison had a sex change. Slave, as his name suggests, is a masochist and is permanently dressed in a leather bondage outfit.

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He has a tooth gap and his catchphrase is an excited exclamation of "Jesus Christ! In many episodes, he says little else. Slave's first major appearance is during the fourteenth episode of season six " The Death Camp of Tolerance ", although his voice was heard briefly in " Butters' Very Own Episode ". Despite Mr. Slave's occupation, he is shown to be wise and knowledgeable, offering characters advice.

One of his most prominent moments was in " Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset ", when he gave Wendy Testaburger and most of the town advice that Paris Hilton is not to be admired.

He explains that he himself is a whore and that it is not a good thing. He then shoves Hilton up his own anus, where she meets the same creatures Lemmiwinks did in "The Death Camp of Tolerance".

Jan 24,   Liane embaresses Cartman in front of some girls. Mrs Cartman Tutoring Classes - South Park The Fractured But Whole Game - Duration: Hippo Reddy Recommended for you. Eric Cartman has a surprising history with Heidi Turner that goes back quite a while. When Cartman began to lead a Church in South Park at the end of the kids' third grade year, he attracted the attention of kids far and wide throughout the town including a girl named 'Marcy'. In "Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut", when Garrison asks "who here hasn't had sex with Mrs. Cartman", she and Mayor McDaniels exchange uncomfortable glances, implying that she, like almost everyone else in South Park, has at some point slept with Mrs. Cartman.

After Garrison's sex change operation, Mr. Slave ended their relationship due to no longer being sexually interested in Garrison and that his own feelings about the operation were not brought up prior. By the events of " Follow That Egg! Slave moved on and married Big Gay Al. She falls in love and has sex with Ike Broflovski.

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They run away together after Kyle's strenuous attempts lead to their prosecution. Stephenson eventually commits suicide because of the ordeal.

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She drives a blue pickup truck with yellow stripes. Stkrdknmibalz pronounced stick-your-dick-in-my-balls; voiced by Trey Parker is a Canadian language teacher hired in " Where My Country Gone?

Nude mrs cartman

He leads various South Park residents, including Mr. Garrisonin singing the Canadian ABCswhich is similar to the American version, but with varied lyrics for example, G is replaced by "Guy", and Mr. In Coon 2: Hindsight, Liane not only punishes Eric for being bad, every time he talks back to her, she would raise her voice. She seems to have no issue yelling at him in public anymore as she berates Cartman's misbehavior on the Dr.

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Phil show. In Shots!!! Liane has also supposedly instilled in Cartman some of his bigoted behavior towards the Jews, gingers and black people.

Cartman was often heard to quote his mother's supposed beliefs, much to the surprise of his friends and the towns people. Liane however has never vocalized these opinions on camera, leading to questions of whether or not she really said them or if Cartman misquoted her or made it up.

This implies some sort of bigotry or at least ignorance on Liane's behalf.

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In "Ginger Kids" she screamed when she realized that Cartman turned ginger though Kyle, Stan, and Kenny dyed his hair and whitened his skin to make him look ginger. Despite her sweetness, she is extremely promiscuous.

Quite early on, it was stated that Ms. Cartman was actually Eric's father, as she was supposedly born a self-fertilizing hermaphrodite with both female and male genitalia though Dr.

However, in the episode " ", it is revealed that she actually isn't a hermaphrodite, and that the town of South Park lied in order to protect the Denver Broncos. In the early seasons, she was very sexually active and regularly pursued this activity. She was reputedly a crack whore, and has taken part in German scheisse movies. She also had no issue with commencing sexual relations with complete strangers, instead usually inviting them to the home as frequent visitors.

This appetite is not strictly for men, for it is hinted in " Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut " that she had intercourse with Ms.

Although Liane used to constantly have sex, and ignores the presence of anyone around her to sexually persuade men into her bedroom, it is unknown if Cartman knew the full extent to what his mom really did behind closed doors.

Liane Cartman

Eric has come across various numbers of porn sites and so-called "family videos" gone awry, but seems to either ignore the fact that his mom is a slut or looks as it to be just his sweet, loving mother conned out of her own environment, such as when he explains that his mother told him she was young and needed money when she was featured in Crack Whore Magazine in the episode " Pinkeye ", to which Stan retorts, "Cartman, those photos were taken a month ago!

Even in the episode " Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut " and " Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut " where it is revealed to Eric that his mom has had sex with the entire town, he still has no conversations with his mom about her secret life. Also in " Trapper Keeper ", she ends up having sex with the cyborg from the future, Bill Cosby. In later seasons, her character seems to have changed.

"Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" is the tenth episode in the tenth season of the American animated television series South Park. The th episode of the series overall, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States October 18, In the episode, Cartman is appointed to the post of school hallway monitor at South Park Elementary. Cartman has Butters tell Mrs. Cartman that he loves her and is sorry for not being a better son. They all cry together. Cartman's Last Words to Mom - Video Clip | South Park Studios Cartman's Last Words to Mom. The Death of Eric Cartman s09e Butters tells Cartman's mom that Erci Loves her. Watch Random Episode. Dec 07,   South Park Funny Moments Part 1 / Funniest SouthPark Cips Jokes Season 23 You never seen before - Duration: DrunkDimmu , views.

For instance, her working as a prostitute has only been occasionally referenced since the fourth season. She is now generally shown to be more responsible with Eric, especially in " Tsst " and " Go God Go ".

However, in " The Death of Eric Cartman ", Cartman mistakes his mom's screams of pleasure for cries of sadness, when in reality, she is receiving sex from a plumber whom she invited to her house. Aside that instance, Ms. Cartman's infidelities have remained virtually unmentioned between the fourth season and " ". She also appears in South Park: Phone Destroyer as Sorceress Liane, a fighter under the Fantasy theme, with the ability of turning nearby enemies into cocks upon her death.

Liane is about average height for an adult female South Park character.

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